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This website is dedicated to the most massive and best loved metal sub-genre: thrash metal. It contains information about a large number of bands related to the genre: from the most famous and celebrated ones to some very obscure and unknown acts having barely reached the demo stage. This is not a complete guide to thrash metal which is practically impossible with new bands springing up almost every day, but it covers a fairly wide range of acts starting from the very early stages of the genre's development (the early 80's) right up to the very recent days of 2018. The bands' reviews are based entirely on the website maker's point of view who apologizes for the possible clash of opinions which might result when you, thrash metal fans, read these pages. He also owes you an apology for the very basic outlook of the website at the present moment, but having no previous experience putting a website together, he hopes, with the help of your suggestions and comments, to make it a more pleasant experience for the future. Enjoy!

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