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"Peace is dead" on this otherwise cool thrash/crossover offering which develops in a more laid-back up-tempo fashion without any speedy extremes. Some of the material comes as a more dynamic Motorhead ("Zombie Syndrome"), but the highlight seems to be the inspired galloper "Airstrike" at the end. The singer shouts in an angry passionate way with an open hardcore flair. Some of the musicians are more active with the pagan black metallers Trollech.

Peace Is Dead Full-Length, 2014

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The debut EP: thrash/death metal of the modern type with hellish female vocals which might scare even Angela Kossoff at times. Music-wise the band have a long way to go, before they reach Arch Enemy, although the guitar work isn't bad at all with numerous melodic hooks, which are the driving force, overshadowing the sharper riffs, which are actually not too many; the problem is that there is no speed, the tempo is mid-paced with slow-ish gothic passages. "Phobos" shows signs of life, but it soon gives up for the sake of the heavy stomping riffage.
The "Vol. 2" EP offers heavy doomy thrash/death metal of the classic type, a bit one-dimensional with quite a few melodic hooks.
The full-length is a melodic, slower affair the beautiful soulful leads leading the pack and remain the highlight on this relaxed effort which only strife at aggression are the headbanging mechanizers "Crimen y Sentencia" and "Automata".

1000.Odios EP, 2008
Vol. 2 EP, 2009
Te Detesto Full-Length, 2016

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Based on the full-length, this act offer a more dynamic take on the good old groovy post-thrash which boasts a couple of cool vigorous cuts ("Wrath-Bleed for Us") plus more serious pieces with a more imposing power metal edge ("Pride-Deadly Sins"; the hard-hitting shredder "Greed-Drag Me to Hell"). The vocalist is a cool semi-cleaner and is the perfect match for this conceptual work based around the Seven Deadly Sins.

About Time EP, 2014
Deadly Sins Full-length, 2016

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Modern groovy post-thrash (make no mistakes, folks- once you see numbers in the band bame, you have to know that this is going to be groove all over, in most cases), with a heavy, steam-rolling sound, which never speeds up a lot, seldom coming with some more choppy riffs ala Prong: "Slingin' Ink".

Nothing to Gain Full-length, 2005

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A decent attempt at more classic-sounding thrash metal which develops on an uneven semi-technical/semi-progressive background with good bass support, but awful hysterical shouty vocals, and noisy guitars. The fast pace, which dominates at leats in the beginning, is frequently interrupted by much more quiet balladic passages, which never turn into a full-blooded composition, but are too many to make this album a more engaging listen. In the 2nd half the album loses steam completely the guys settling down for a calm power/thrashy delivery without any highlights.

Capitis Deminutio Full-length 1995

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Based on "Execution", this band play dry mechanical modern thrash with dispassionate guitars and attached aggressive death metal vocals. The music changes tempos although the dominant one remains mid with sparce adherences to stoner/doom and hardcore. This would hardly be the headbanger's paradise with the exception of a couple of more intense cuts ("Idolatry"; the more brutal shredder "Apocalypse") which may remind you of mid-period Carcass with their casual twisted nature. The closer "Execution(The Sword Of Justice)" is an exemplary piece of more technical thrash/death also boasting the most melodic catchy hooks on the album on which the band should concentrate more in the future.

18 Wheels of Justice EP, 2005
Deceive Them All Full-length, 2007
Execution Full-length, 2011

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19 A.D.D. (USA)

This is purely instrumental stuff: good elaborate music, quite hectic in a positive way and very technical modern thrash affair, although music of so many nuances and shades is not easy to categorize as modern or classic. The riffs jump into all directions, sometimes unpredictably, never being too fast or brutal, constantly changing tempos and pace disorienting the listener quite a bit who will be actually entertained for most of the time moving through this complex landscape of moods and hooks where the bass plays a very big role touching Cynic and Atheist; the riffage is mostly dispassionate and precise with the casual melodic addition. Every instrumental piece is preceded by a short introduction based on a film/news sample or industrial/ambient noise, to these ears a not very necessary inclusion. A couple of more direct headbanging sections can also be heard, and they are very well embedded into the much harder to swallow rest. The guys' genius reaches the top towards the end, on the brilliant twisted technical thrasher "Saudade" which is relatively conventional compared to the other longer and more complex numbers. To name a soundalike would be a difficult task: a more moderate, less aggressive, Electro Quarterstaff or a more intense thrashy Canvas Solaris may come not too far, but this "animal" is truly of a less ordinary breed.

19 Minute Attention Span EP, 2003
Elements of Emptiness Full-length, 2006

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Another addition to the burgeoning classic thrash revival of recent years, this time coming form the not very prolific Swiss metal scene. These guys (and a girl, the bassist) deliver energetic roller-coaster speed/thrash which is varied without sticking to speed the whole time. The problem is that the unbridled intensity of the opening "Falling Into Black" is not very often encountered in the 1st half the band revealing the heavier epic side of their repertoire particularly reflected on the officiant proto-doomster "Desolation-Desperation" in the middle. "Guilty Angel, Innocent Devil" arrives right after to wake up the listener with brisk vigorous guitars, and a couple of cuts later retain the energy which again gets lost on the short lead-driven instrumental "Shadow" and the longer more ambitious opus "Colours Of The Enemy". The singer is not a waste although his gruff semi-clean tember could have used more emotion especially on those more epic numbers in the middle.

Mind Infect Full-Length, 2013

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Based on "Deliver Us...": this band come up with pedestrian groovy thrash, occasionally graced by more melodic, Swedish style leanings ("The Inner Workings Of A Perpetual Victim"), which put more vitality into the album. The other surprise is "Bonded With Vengeance", which thrashes with intensity and sharp riffs, which overshadow the clumsy groovy section near the end.
"Dead City Rodeo" is worse offering rhythmic almost rappy post-thrash "stifled" by heavy groovy passages which are the better side of the album managing to capture some of the early Pantera intensity ("The Devil Never Goes Away"). Like in the other effort, there are a couple of more vigorous thrashers ("Fight"), but here they really have to try hard to keep the listener entertained.

Dead City Rodeo Full-length, 2003
Deliver Us... Full-length, 2007

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Based on the first two albums, this band try to keep 90's groovy thrash alive, and as such manage to come up with a decent sound, which might not be as hard-hitting as early Pantera, and at times could degenerate into some stoner/doom ala Down, but fans of this style will be happy all over.

In the Shallow Waters Full-length, 1999
Boogie Full-length, 2001
Checkpoint # 4 Split, 2003
Demon Dealer Full-length, 2003
Untitled Full-length, 2005

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This band offers a heavy mostly mid-tempo thrash/death of the groovy variety, sounding quite close to mid-period Gorefest (circa "False"), including in the vocal department. "Mutations" speeds up near the end, showing the guys well able to thrash along with the best when necessary, and they should have provided a few more speedy "surprises" like these earlier. Some of the band members play similar music in Tempestuous.

21st Century Sin Full-length, 1998

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237 (USA)

Modern edgy thrash which suffers a lot from the awful synthesized declamatory vocals; otherwise the music isn't a total waste keeping a good tempo throughout, with the inclusion of a couple of vigorous headbanging numbers which contrast well with the heavy doom-laden delivery on at least half of the other tracks.

Dead Risen Full-length, 2008


The debut: a blend of modern and retro (not as much) thrash which doesn't lack the necessary amount of energy without being played on all-out speed the whole time. The band accelerates to a proto-death intensity ("Lost In The Void") at times, but overall this is laid-back stuff with hardcore and groovy touches. "Ashes To Ashes" is a surprisingly invigorating headbanger near the end, followed by the similarly-styled closer "Something Will (Get You In The End)" which unleashes another portion of fast-paced riffs topped by the subdued aggro-vocals which don't try the high registers too much, but pull out a confident detached performance.

"Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream" will overflow you with heaps of catchy infectious modern thrash rhythms which would be nothing new, even to the ear of the less trained fan, but is full of memorable hooks of the playful type which aren't devoid of more intense headbanging moments ("Lullaby For The Weak", "For Better Or Worse"). Otheriwse this is a varied effort with a big doze of calmer numbers sustained in the predictable mid-tempo with the odd groovy flavour ("Get Out Of My Way") thrown in here and there.

What Will Remain When We Are Gone Full-length, 2009
Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream Full-length, 2012

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This act were one of the first to jump on the still at the time meagre groovy post-thrash wagon. Their progressive bluesy/stoner take on the upcoming genre may not impress the Pantera and Machine Head fans, and their lengthy for the style compositions require a more careful listen for one to really savour those sprawling heavy riff-patterns which may also remind of the more recent Mastodon metamorphosis. "The Ledge" is a cool intense number which again preserves the quirkiness of the other material, and could have grown into something more substantial if the band had laster longer. The singer is another positive addition with his levelled meditative clean croon.

23 Roadkill Demo, 1992


Good, speedy thrash/crossover with some really aggressive riffage ("27 Beers", "Nobody's Safe") and genuine technical moments ("Hit the Marc", "The Mexican Drinking Song"). The style isn't miles away from Wehrmacht and Cryptic Slaughter. This is really an intense listening experience which also provides relative "pauses" for a break: the punk joy "Dermaine (Two-Step N' Thrash)" (there's nothing thrashy here, despite the title), and the slower, melodic crossover piece "How to Make A Little Girl Cry Twice".

26 Beers Full-Length, 2007

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3.3.3. (ECUADOR)

Groovy doomy modern thrash, mid-paced to slow, with a few speedy surprises: the quite classic-sounding "Tirano", and the pure 90's power/speed metal piece "Tus Falsas Verdades".

Semana de Pecado Full-length, 2006


A 4-sond EP of really good classic thrash, with a genuine technical twist; "Black Monday" is all-out headbanging thrash, but "Suicide Slide" switches onto more thought-out music, providing smashing riffage and various tempos. "Eternal Rite" thrashes with full force once again, but "Kobb" comes with all the gimmicks of progressive/technical thrash: a wide gamut of time and tempo changes, all this on a very heavy base, with sudden faster outbursts, very good bass support, and a slightly annoying noisy outro.

3B Asylum EP, 2008


Laid-back melodic metalcore-ish music which still contains enough hard-hitting riffs to pull it through although there aren't many fast-paced surprises the guys settling for the expected vivid mid-pace only breaking it on the fierce death metal-esque "Shadowed Existence", and partially on the "eagle fly free" closer "Redefine Tomorrow". The vocal variety is really big: clean, semi-clean, shouty, semi-shouty, death metal grunts, etc. Some of the band members play more aggressive music with the death metal outfit The Catalyst.

A Prelude to Our Demise Full-length, 2006
A Glimpse of Hope Full-length, 2011

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Modern thrash/death metal in a cool up-tempo with raspy black-ish vocals and sparce shades of black ("Baptised in Bullets"); the guitars carry a lot of melody as well, which disappear only for the heavy epic "Lustful Ways" which will remind you of both Bifrost and mid-period Bathory.

Atomic Assault EP, 2010

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This is classic sharp thrash with Anthrax and Xentrix overtones which an overall jokey tone and good clean vocals. "Thrash Song" deserves its title with its hard-hitting riffage, but after it the band take a less serious approach with crossover and even hardcore present. The sound quality is quite muddy, but apprently this short effort was wholly intended as a joke.

If She Don't Love You... Break Her Spine! Demo, 1991

38DD (USA)

Based on the EP, this act play playful modern post-thrash which borders on the rock'n roll boogies of The Almighty and Monster Magnet the unpretentious musical barrage topped by gruff soulful, semi-clean vocals "Wiggin" bravely touching the blues to an even more soporific effect.

More Than a Handful EP, 1996
38DD Full-length, 2013

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Based on the 2-song "Turn To Dust" single, these guys offer melodic modern thrash metal in mid-pace with a lot of melodic decorations and good gruff semi-clean vocals.

Demo Demo, 2002
Silence is Your Choice Demo, 2004
No Blood, No Tears Single, 2005
Shelter EP, 2006
Turn To Dust Single, 2006

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A dynamic varied take on the 90's groovy post-thrash with jumpy, but also at times speedy, guitars. Still the tempo is mostly mid with numerous melodic decorations and slower, almost doomy, passages ably supported by the soulful, albeit gruff, Phil Anselmo-like vocals.
"Submission for Liberty" is a smashing headbanging affair thrashing quite wildly (the invigorating openers "Submission for Liberty" & "Raise A Fist") even bringing some classic flavours here and there. The groove inevitably appears ("The Oppressed"), but there is so much uncontrolled thrashing here, that it can not possibly stand a chance, and when it does it comes pretty dynamic and sharp. This album never drags even for a split second, also taking a nice melodic, also progressive, turn on the closing "Blood Of Martyrs", which owes a lot to the more laid-back side of The Black Album. The singer semi-shouts for most of the time, but not annoyingly, and shows his more attractive, clean side on the aforementioned closer.
"Survivalist" follows the hard thrashing course and the opening "Eyes of the Slain" is a sure-handed winner with its sharp lashing riffs even recalling more recent Paradox. The saga only gets more appetizing later with energetic cuts like "Poisoned Mind" and the more complex progressive speed/thrasher "Poverty of Flesh". A few mellower moments come in the 2nd half including on the ambitious 8.5-min closing title-track which semi-balladic escapades smell Lake of Tears and Katatonia, but not in a sugary, melancholic way. The band are surely coming of age and one may expect more pleasant surprises from their camp in the future

The Empires of Death Full-Length, 2010
Submission for Liberty Full-length, 2012
Survivalist Full-Length, 2015

Official Site


A fairly aggressive early recording from the Argentinian underground seeing true followers of early Metallica (the debut, above all) with a pinch of a more brutal play ("Triturador") akin to Slayer. So these are 3 songs of fast intense speed/thrash with wild riffage and not very impressive gruff shouty unrehearsed vocals. The sound quality is really bad, but can't stand on the way on the inspired galloping passages on "IV Reich".

Bienvenidos Al Infierno Demo, 1986


Based on "Outlaw Psychosis", these folks offer a more abrasive, arguably thrashier version of Skid Row's 'Slave to the Grind". So expect radio-friendly sounds spiced with proto-thrashy rhythms with a shade of groove plus some unexpected melodic variations (check out the crowd pleaser "50 Miles"). Things get more speedy with the roller-coasters "Mr. Rock 'n' Roll" and "D.U.I." the latter unleashing a few hard-hitting thrashy riffs their impact kind of diminished by the stoner/blueser at the end "Rock Smoker".

Past Sins Full-length, 2007
Outlaw Psychosis Full-length, 2013

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Two Iranians (one of whom is a girl, the vocalist) are behind this project who specializes in melodic gothic-tinged power/thrash metal of the modern type. This is laid-back stuff in mid-tempo with good guitar work, a couple of proficient leads, and one cool doom metal opus ("The Funeral") as a finishing touch. The girl does a good job behind the mike singing in an attached emotional manner in the semi-high register recalling Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) at times.
"Let's Crush" is a bit harder with more dynamics present, even managing to acquite nice headbanging parametres ("The Last Time") on occasion. "Winter Knocks" is a cool dark gothic thrasher with engaging melodic hooks, and "5grs's Chair" is a catchy vivid mid-pacer with sharp riffage. "He Drinks to Forget" is a fine atmospheric semi-ballad where brutal death metal vocals sneak in, but still in the 2nd half there is enough energy to keep the boat floating: the edgy semi-technical "Paint Us Green"; although the closer is just a light-hearted heavy/power metal anthem. The girl gives a pretty good performance behind the mike singing in an emotional attached manner without too many adherences to the higher registers which could have been beneficial having in mind the more intense musical delivery.

Access Denied Full-length 2008
Let's Crush Full-length 2011

Official Site


Decent thrash/death metal with solid steam-roller riffs ala Beyond Belief and Bolt Thrower, but the faster thrashy sections carry a cool technical edge, although they play a secondary role to the smashing rhythm-section and the spasmodic blasts, but produce at least one ripe "fruit": the creepy proto-doomster "Godless Throne", which is a really worthy technicaller. "Temptation of The Damned" follows a similar path, but is more dynamic and deathy, well suited to the brutal low-tuned growling vocals.

5th Dawn Demo 2006

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This young formation specialize in stylish semi-technical/progressive modern thrash with not very suitable guttural death metal vocals. "Grave" is a cool impetuous galloper, but the rest is more on the calmer side with laid-back progressive rhythms overtaking the space quite often: check out the epic closer "Memories" which also serves a nice portion of more dynamic technical riffs.

6th Counted Murder Full-Length, 2013


Based on the 2-song Promo: "The Game" is melodic atmospheric, progressive power/thrash metal whereas "Mindtrapped" is more aggressive riff-wise, but has the same dream-like quality, brought with the slow semi-balladic passage in the middle followed by a faster section with an excellent melodic guitar line; later some blast beats come through, but are accompanied by another great guitar hook, and are not that annoying. This is multi-layered stuff coming as a more thrashy Opeth which shows big promise and it would be interesting to hear what the guys have done on the full-length.
"Truth Unmasked" is a commendable effort, fulfilling all the promises, starting with the ambitious progressive thrasher "The Eye of the Betrayer" which is a nice atmospheric piece with a rich dark sound recalling the Swedes Hexenhaus boasting nice melodic leads and deep emotional clean vocals. This song is followed by "The Game" and "Mindtrapped", already heard on the promo after which another monstrous progressive opus comes up: "Twelve Winters Strong", lasting for nearly 14-min; a diverse multi-faced composition constantly alternating dynamic technical sections with elaborate laid-back ones to quite a positive effect, never sounding stale for a split second with the leads being partricularly good again. "The Disciple" is a cool semi-acoustic ballad followed by the excellent more aggressive technical/progressive power/thrasher "Unmasking The Truth" which is mostly heavy and mid-paced, but delivers the goods on all counts. The closing "The Tables Have Turned" is in a similar vein with a slightly overlong balladic mid-break where the singer pulls out fine, albeit short, performance. This album offers an entertainment beyond the boundaries of thrash metal and as such would probably find wider audience among the progressive metal fans.
"Blackest Day" would be quite a surprise to the band's fans since it has nothing to do with thrash (the only partial exception being the overflowing with melody dynamic "Diminished Mind"), but concentrates on epic, progressive song-structures with touches of doom and ballad. This is pretty dreamy stuff which on the more melancholic moments also touches Katatonia, and even more recent Anathema.
"Wanderer" is more aggresive than its predecessor and the edgy ripping riffs on the frist 2 tracks will make one jump around with joy also enchanted by the atmospheric escapades. This effort only becomes more appealing as time goes by and here we have "A Place to Hide", another intricate shredder with echoes of mid-period Megadeth. "Founders of Time" takes more epic progressive proportions which stay around for the following "Ember" the latter a nice reminder of the band's infatuations with Opeth. "Bloodwritten" goes over the top, though, being 15.5-min of calm progressivisms without any certain direction despite the intense beginning; and when the next "The Answer" is nothing more than a 8.5min ballad, the listener would probably switch onto something else;; and this would probably be the right decision since only the closing title-track later on provides any more dynamic guitars as opposed to the fairly tranquil meditative turn the album takes in the 2nd half. An Opeth worship is what's offered there, and it sadly ruins the more aggressive start again making this album a safe choice for the progressive metal lovers.

Concept of Elimination Demo, 2001
Promo Promo, 2004
Truth Unmasked Full-length, 2007
Blackest Day Full-length, 2011
Wanderer Full-Length, 2015

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Old school thrash offered in E-minor, minimalistic speedy affair reminiscent of the Whiplash debut and Pile Driver. The guys thrash with no remorse relaxing at times with the more carefree crossover cut ("Nice Fucking Beer", the S.O.D.-worship "S.P.S.D."). The singer is semi-shouty with a more melodic for the style tember often supported by the other musicians on the frequent shouty choruses.

Drunken Squad EP, 2009

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Based on the "Why You Believe in It?" demo, this is half heavy mid-paced, and half somewhat clumsy thrash/crossover. The music is not aggressive, and has also shades of doom, but the second half speeds up quite a bit, and the tracks there thrash admirably for a while, since all the songs here are longer than 4-min. The last two tracks are with a much worse sound quality, and have obviously been recorded at another time, and the sound on them is more aggressive, along the lines of early Messiah.

Why You Believe in It? Demo, 1987
Die If You Want To Die Demo, 1988
Attack of 4 Tribes Split album, 1988


This is melodic modern thrash metal with not very audible shouty vocals with a hysterical pitch; the riffs are sharp, but the sound is not very clear and a buzzy noise accompanies the guitars most of the time. The music resembles the one on the last couple of Lyzanxia albums offering a similar alternation between faster and slower songs.

Nikdy Nevíš Kdy... Full-length, 2010

Official Site

731 (POLAND)

Retro thrash/death metal mixing creepy semi-technical riffs with brutal proto-blasting ones. The guitars have a slight mechanized edge, and the singer is a brutal low-tuner of the comprehensive variety.

Demo Demo 2008


Based on "Archetype of Natural Violence", these French, who have in their midst the expert guitarist Nicolas Coudert (Korum, No Return), offer an interesting combination of intense thrash/death, the closest soundalike to which would probably be later period Carcass, or Atheist, and complex progressive arrangements, which are not long, and create a lot of dynamics. Since mixtures of the kind are not common at all, these guys will strike a cord in the metal fan's heart with their adherence to strange music patterns, hectic tempo changes, heavy sharp riffs, and a frequently very technical delivery. Some exercises at progressive/technical thrash/death hit the top ("La Chair, Le Monde Et La Machine", "Divinus Afflatus", which will make your head spin with all the twists and turns inside, and the constant expert shredding), others excel in the more brutal, faster department ("Severance", which is also graced by an enchanting quiet section in the middle; the short chaotic masterpiece "Prometheus Unleashed"). This album is a great concoction of aggressive and technical metal which easily beats many of the Canadian masters of the genre, and are a proof that the French haven't said their final word in the technical metal field (check also Thalidomide, which are similar in style, but not that aggressive; and Skeleton Crew). This album is actually a re-recording of the debut with a few cosmetic renovations here and there.
"Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow" shows the guys alive and well opening quite ambitiously with the 10.5-min extravaganza "Distorted Mass" which really deserves its "distorted" title being a larger-than-life composition with so much happening that at some stage the listener may want to take a break from this wild thrash/death/dark/progressive metal saga. This overwhelming beginning has no match, but for the better, on the following "Seeding Devolution" which is straight technical thrash/death metal, a prime stylish mix of Carcass' "Heartwork" and Suffocation's "Blood Oath" with a brilliant orchestral/doomy finish. "Legacy of Supremacy" is choppy modern technical thrash with a fine atmospheric balladic stretch, and "Reverse Engineering" is a creepy moody piece with dissonant rhythms and diverse riffage which ranges from jumpy groove to twisted technicality. "The Sarcastic Maze" is a wild shredder with black metal touches and a couple of beautiful Oriental melodies. "Random Ascension" is another first-class technical thrash/deathster with a drier, more sterile edge and great leads. One more piece of the same as a finishing touch would have been great, and the guys don't disappoint producing a stellar progressive/technical opus ("Ashes of a New Era") which will delight you with its super-technical guitars with a fine Oriental shade, soaring melodic leads, some of the finest to ever grace the genre, and a few more direct thrashy passages. Despite the few stumbles along the way the guys exit this new "adventure" with flying colours making another sure step towards the leadership on the French metal scene of recent years.

Violentia Imperatrix Mundi Full-length, 2005
Archetype of Natural Violence Full-length, 2008
Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow Full-length 2010

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These young Nepalese play cool retro thrash with merrier speed metal tendencies ("Headbangers", which also strts blasting at some point in the wildest possible death metal fashion) scattered around. The guys know their thrash reflected mostly in short direct fast-paced pieces ("Brute", "Battle") with cutting, albeit slightly abrasive, guitars and angry semi-shouty deathy vocals.

Kunike EP, 2007

Official Site


A 3-track EP of modern groovy thrash keeping a good pace with heavy smashing riffs and harsh semi-death metal metal vocals.

You Should Have Cared EP, 2009


Based on "The Shadow Masters", this act play modern melodic thrash/death which keeps to the established canons without breaking any new ground. So there are dynamic faster sections, dragging groovy ones, numerous melodic decorations, and more. The singer is the expected for the style death metal shouter adding to the derivative nature of this professionally-executed, but fairly predictable recording.

Hate Made Me Full-length, 2002
Season for Assault Full-length, 2003
Breed the Pain Full-length, 2004
Poison of Ages Full-length, 2007
The Shadow Masters Full-length, 2013

Official Site


Wow, this is quite a treat: very badly-produced grind/thrash/death metal sounding well more underground than the very early demos of the Brazilians Vulcano and Sarcofago; Napalm Death's "Scum" and Cryptic Slaughter's "Convicted" are a close refernce, too, but this is a lot inferior sound-wise; very fast ultra-brutal stuff with two hardly distinguished covers near the end: Venom's "Black Metal" and Sodom's "Outbreak of Evil".

The Blood Purge Demo, 2002


Hardcore-ish thrash, close to early Prong and D.R.I., but with a more modern, groovy edge; it comes with a more aggressive sound ("Criminally Insane", which isn't a Slayer cover although in terms on intensity isn't too far behind), and there's a lot of energy put into the recordings. Actually, this is the continuation of the thrash metal formation Machine who released two full-lengths earlier, and at present the guys are still active as Corrupt Absolute.

Harder Than Hardcore Full-Length, 2001

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Modern thrash with a strong shade of groove sounding quite energetic at times ("Life Lost Living"). Actually, quite a few of the songs start in an intense thrashing way before they slide down to ordinary groovy thrash.

A Sign of Things to Come Full-length, 2007

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Four tracks of jumpy aggro post-thrash with sudden brutal deathy explosions; not the most conventional stuff out there in the 90's, with a seismic rhythm-section which is particularly obvious on the doomy dirger "Authority", and to a lesser extent on the vivid, less predictable Prong-esque "Pain" where some stylish leads can also be heard.

999 Society Demo, 1994


This Romanian outfit offer (based on the full-length) decent classic power/thrash in the vein of Iced Earth and Cage. The overall approach is more on the epic officiant side the singer doing a particularly good job with an emotional dramatic blend capturing at times the higher registers with ease those moments even recalling Rob Halford himself (check out "Devastator"). "Speed (Man And Machine)" is a cool up-tempo "Painkiller"-esque number, but the rest kind of merges together with the heavy riffage and the not very eventful guitar patterns.

Epicenter EP, 2010
Ground Zero Full-length, 2014

Official Site

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