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A decent mix of modern and classic thrash sounding close to more recent Sepultura on the former inclinations. The album delivers although its classic nature is not very evenly spread over it the modern proto-groovy formulas taking the upper hand at some stage leaving energizers like "Lo Que Vendrá" stranded like isolated cases. The singer is good, though, with his forceful emotional clean tember and leads the show to the point of being the highlight for most of the time.

Emisarios Del Mal Full-Length, 2012

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Hardcore, thrash and death metal shake hands here spiced with the odd doomy break ("Miserable Children"). The guitar sound is very abrasive, and the riffs are pretty dissonant at times on the bashing indifferent drum background creating the impression that the guys could be able to pull out something more stylish at a later stage. They have to take care of those bad shouty vocals, though.

Rehearsal/Demo Demo, 2009

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Based on the debut demo, this act plays early Celtic Frost mixed with abrasive mid-paced hardcore. This mix, as we all know very well, has a name: crust/thrash, in other words expect heavy mid to up-tempo stuff topped by raw primitive death metal vocals. Some of the guys play more "violent" music with their other project: the death metal formation Violent Hammer.

Demo Demo, 2008
Raw Punk Deathstrike Live album, 2009
Threat Of War Demo, 2010

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Based on the debut, this band plays dry mechanized modern thrash metal mixed with more traditional Gothenburg melodies. The former are the dominant ones, but apart from heavy repetitive rhythm sections they don't deliver much more. "The Legend of Yellow Boobie" is a cool attempt at more hectic twisted technicality, but ends up smelling NWOAHM at some point (think Chimaira, Lamd of God). There isn't much speed to keep this jumpy affair floating, and the listener may get disinterested at some point not very engaged in this abrasive guitar wall of sound.

Your Blood My Vendetta Full-length, 2004
Year Of Desolation Full-length, 2007

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Decent modern thrash hitting the melodic sector as well on the more complex progressive "Vedma", and generally the delivery is a bit less ordinary with heavy smashing riffs taking turns with more moderate, almost operatic, structures, the latter at times replaced by more direct melo-death/thrash sections ("Gde to Tam...").

Zabuitie Geroi Demo, 2010


This is a modern mixture of thrash, power and death metal with the expected for the blend "clean-gruff" vocal duel. The music is quite dynamic with a frequent insertion of raging blast-beats, and the epic pompousness of "Sands of Nod" sounds kind of misplaced. On the other hand, "Generation of Vipers" is quite a cool speed/thrasher and "The Divine Tragedy" is a nice short, more technical companion to it. Things are finished with style with the epic thrashing opus "Reclusion" which also includes a few more officiant doomy breaks, and generally the guys have managed to come up with the more appealing side of such similar mixtures.

Generation of Vipers Full-length, 2015

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Prototypical modern thrash which is both intense and melodic with a pinch of metalcore; the riffs aren't very diverse, but there's a certain amount of professionalism involved including in the production department which takes a particular care of the guitars the latter given a crisp biting edge.

El Origen Full-Length, 2010


A young US band who show dedication to the retro thrash metal movement of the 80's; the guys play energetically with nods to the Bay-Area ("Pyro Virus"), or stomp with heavy riffs in the Brits Cerebral Fix's mould ("Sleeping with the Fishes"). "Requiem for the Living" is a very good more aggressive thrasher in the Evildead, or even Devastation vein, with sharp speedy riffs, introducing a cool slower section ala late 80's Slayer which stretches towards the end, producing a fistful of crushing, headbanging moments. "Wages of Sin" tries to sneak more modern thrash rhythms into the album, but stops right on time before it turns into an unpleasant deviation supported by cool steam-roller guitars. The vocals could be an irritation to some being semi-hardcore-ish with an industrial edge coming as a mix between Gary Meskil (Pro-Pain) and Per Abdrup (Grope).

Requiem for the Living Full-length, 2007

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Thrash, speed and hardcore mixed together, topped up by some of the earliest attempts at vicious, death metal-like singing. The music is, of course, quite fast, with short 2-2.5min songs. The frenetic delivery will remind you of the Belgians X-Creta, or the Rigor Mortis debut on the best moments ("Pay or Die", "Innovation").

Demo 1 Demo, 1987

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The EP: an intriguing take on the modern post-thrash trends if we exclude the trite clean vocal insertions; the music is jumpy and technical not lacking in the more dynamic department, either, and the brooding guitar tone creates a lot of atmosphere. The groove is well mixed with the faster Swedish leanings the latter bringing a lot of nice melodies with them which contrast with the main gruff low-tuned death metal vocals.
"Extropy" is more conventional and more atmospheric with a decreased amount of technical hooks. The approach now is too dreamy and peaceful with an accentuated adherence to groove. At least the clean vocals this time are not that annoying, and their participation should have been more frequent considering the calmer tone of the music which only becomes edgier and more complicated on the closing "Sundered Vicinity".

Paraphernalia EP, 2010
Extropy Full-Length, 2015

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Another representative of the Swedish modern thrash/death metal school; "Reflexions" could be considered the better effort of the two full-lengths offering a dynamic and a more diverse sound with a web of up-tempo and very fast blasting riffs frequently intercepted by heavy stomping passages although to these ears the more direct thrash/deathy headbangers work in a better way: "To Feel Despised", or the slower, bordering on gothic, numbers: "You're Blind".

"Blind... but Alive" continues with the "bilnd" experiments of the band which this time is presented by more officiant melodic passages with a decreased amount of the speedy escapades. Pointless groovers like "The Exploited" have no direction whatsoever, and generally the inspiration isn't quite there this album now sounding like any other representative of the post-Swedish movement where post-thrash, post-death, groove and even gothic come to say "Hello".

Yorblind EP, 2003
Melancholy Souls Full-length, 2005
Reflexions Full-length, 2009
Blind... but Alive Full-Length, 2014

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An obscure formation who do a fairly good job on their only demo playing inspired technically-inclined speed/thrash with echoes of Toxik's "World Circus" with good high-strung clean vocals which stay in the high parametres for most of the time shouting quite a bit to an imposing dramatic effect, maybe overdoing it a bit here and there touching melodrama. The songs are lengthy with a lot of happenings within them including some furious thrashing. The shorter cuts ("Grey Angel") get lost among the other much more complex material which still holds more than just a few surprises for the headbangers: check out the awesome speed/thrashing "symphony" "Yorsted", or the fine bonus track "You Must Die" which is first-rate elaborate speed/thrash ala Paradox and late-80's Helstar; it comes with a worse sound quality, but the riffage is topnotch.

Demo Demo, 1989


This act rose from the ashes of the thrash metal act Battalion, who released a solitary demo in 1987. Based on "Metaphors I", the style is modern, mid-paced, slightly progressive thrash; might remind you of Risk's "The Reborn" or the early Meshuggah works, but the music is less varied and less technical. Still this is an enjoyable listen with long complex songs, ornated by stylish breaks ("Destiny Eternity") which, despite their non-thrash nature, are a really nice touch. Although the riffs are generally choppy and technical, some straight thrashing numbers are also around ("Perpetual") as well as heavy, almost doomy ones ("God's Apparent"). The guitar work is heavy and mostly mid-paced with a slight abstract edge, but it doesn't lack dynamics: the more speedy technical number "For Fear of Listening" which is a great track with stomping jumpy riffs. The closer "The Messiah" is somewhat underwhelming being balladish, slow, monotonous, livened up by the more thrashy ending. Some of the band members are alive and well through the new millennium, playing in the classic thrash metal formation Native Instinct with whom they have three full-lenghts released. Reportedly, this act is also on hold at the moment due to the drug problems that two of the musicians have been experiencing.

The debut is a more immediate offering seeing the band pulling out competent speed/thrash of the more naive "eagle fly free" type. The album is full of catchy galloping tunes, one epic semi-ballad ("Heart Of Stone"), and one full-ahead speed metal hymn: the closing moderately more complex progressiver "Flight Of An Eagle" which sums up all what this effort stands for both music and title-wise. This is an invigorating, albeit rough-around-the-edges, offering which has very little to do with the much heavier, complex approach on the follow-up.

1991 Full-length, 1991
Metaphors I Full-length, 1995
Metaphors Full-length, 1996


Based on the "Hunting Among The Stars" EP, these Poles indulge in fairly cool technical post-thrash which borders on djent acrobatics at times, but those sections are handled with vision so the songs never turn into show-offy exercises, but keep the proceedings logical with creepy semi-technical rhythms ala Prong's "Beg to Differ" sneaking into the song-structures to even better results. "Force Guide" is a brilliant Coroner-worship (think "Grip") with a few dazzling melodic sweeps bordering on the progressive. The final "Porwany ObIedem" is a "betrayal" from their flashy style being a direct cut, but it's a cover of the Polish metal veterans Kat so those digressions could be excused also giving this effort a strong speedy "injection" plus a surreal touch in the form of fast-played violin tunes accompanying the guitars, a genuine avantgarde decision not present on the original. This is a really talented act who should serve more niceties of the kind in the future.

Na Pohybel EP, 2012
Hunting Among The Stars EP, 2013

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A young "youthful" outfit who deliver dynamic modern thrashcore crossing Pro-Pain with more impetuous rhythms ala Municipal Waste. There's a lot of "passion" on tracks like "The Passion" and the crushing "Proposed Exsistence", but the biggest winner here seems to be the cool diverser "Eyes on the Prize", a reminder of Killswitch Engage and Trivium's heydays. "End Times" should have been shortened, though: 8-min of progressive balladic doomisms is really hard to endure...

Ghost Of A Fallen Empire Full-Length, 2014


Three guys are responsible for this interesting, intriguing technical/progressive thrash/proto-death metal offering with very harsh death-ish vocals which are seldom intercepted by much better clean ones; the band doesn't hide their infatuation with early, less sprawling and nostalgic, Opeth, but the riffage becomes dry and mechanical at times bearing resemblance to early Meshuggah and late-80's Metallica as well. The heavy sharp riffs develop predominantly in mid-pace getting wonderfully hectic and jumpy ("Blood In Vein") at times. More classic, and faster, guitars can be heard on the nice vortex technical shredder "After The Fact" which is an encyclopaedia of complex busy riffage. That same riffage, only heavier, gets crossed with fine balladic moments on the following "Through Time". "Mute Witness" is the staple for the band hectic technical number which sets the tone for the next song, before the fine short ballad "Fallen" calms down putting the clean vocals to the fore. The balladic tendencies do not "stop" here, though, and "Stop" is another very cool, and longer, ballad. "Enough with the tenderness", some may say, and here comes "Mindscape" to provide another solid doze of dry technical riffage this time coming close to Voivod. Not for long, though, as "Portal Passage" is a semi-ballad, and "Blindsided" is a happy power/thrash semi-joke. The most serious part of the album, however, is yet to be experienced with "Forced Reality": a fine piece of intense jumpy spiral-like technicality, the highlight of the album. "Dead Yet Not Free" is disappointing again clinging towards the ballad which is apparently a dominant trend with the band, but there's enough material here for the metal fan to appreciate this work as a well above average slab of proto-modern technical thrash.

Liberty Or Death Full-length, 2002

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Ther band's debut "Quake Dope" is a typical product of the 90's, offering a groovy heavy sound, not too far from Pantera or Machine Head, but more playful and light-hearted at times, also recalling Anthrax's "Stomp 642"; but this is only in the first half. The second half goes straight into a classic thrash territory and stays there until the end producing truly impressive headbanging moments: check out the mighty thrash attacks "Rise" and "Tokyo" which come in the middle raising the hopes high that the album may take off into more classic thrash metal grounds. And indeed, the aggression goes on on "Slave Master" which sounds as though directly taken from the Evildead debut. "Original Sin Give A Damn" slows down mixing quite well classic and modern riffs. "Gimme Five" is a very cool intense thrasher with an Anthrax shade, but this time "courting" their best, late-80's period. The aggression reaches almost impossible heights on the furious death metal-laced "Freedom Of Blindness", which might come as too much for the more traditional thrash metal fans, but is a very good track all the way. "Bad Taste" deserves its title, being a not very convincing funky experiment, mixed with more energetic thrashy guitars, and could have been left out since it is far from a worthy closer to this good debut.

"Youthquake" is an excellent release as well although it doesn't mark any change of style, and isn't exactly a new beginning (like the self-title may suggest), but is another fine slab of straight headbanging thrash, this time firmly rooted in the 80's sound, boasting quite a few intense thrashing pieces: the aggressive ball of fury "Howling Tusk"; the intense pounding "Crumblin' Down"; the speed metal killer "Zero In". "The Conclusion in Black" is a brilliant heavy ballad with great, more thought-out guitar work which is nowhere to be heard on the rest of the album, and will remind you of the Metallica exploits in the field ("Sanitarium", "One"); one might wish to hear more of this later since this is a really impressive song. Well, no more of the kind, as after it the sound goes back to the more direct conventional formula which is hardly a complaint since some nice variations could be come across: the heavy semi-technical "Despair, Sadness and Fumbling"; the jumpy technical thrasher "Surrounded", which partially betrays the classic sound, but is a very satisfying number. "Heart Breaker" is totally inappropriate being a soft melodic heavy metal track coming straight out of the works of Ratt or Quiet Riot. This is actually the start of the closing part which includes other awkward choices as well: the groovy industrialized "Wrench Off The Chain" and "Crawl", and, maybe, the tender romantic ballad "Swapping Party", which despite the introduction of heavier guitars later on, is far from the greatness of the indomitable "The Conclusion in Black".

"The Evolution of New Oriental Metal" maybe doesn't exactly illustrate the overall evolution of the whole Oriental metal scene, but clearly shows the band's evolution going into a more aggressive and technical direction with obvious shades of death metal. The songs are short aggressive pieces, quite fast and relentless, and some new screechy raspy black-ish vocals have been introduced as opposed to the rough, low-tuned death metal ones. Some tracks are direct takes on Swedish death metal ("Reflections Of Mine"), bashing out no worse than At the Gates on "Slaughter of the Soul". "Subliminal Self" is a nod to the brutal technical style of Morbid Angel, and "Evoke" is a mighty fast-paced technical death metal number with great lead guitar work. The death metal fans will be happier with this one, but the music is simply too good to be ignored by anyone who likes high quality metal.

"Apocalypse" is a not very even blend of hard-hitting headbangers (the short raging opener "Before Too Late") and much more laid-back modern post-thrashisms ("Neither") which symbiosis hasn't been achieved very successfully as the former side is by far the more appetizing one comprising furious pieces like "Grim" and the hardcore-prone "End of Era", among other ragers.

"Beyond the Void of Black" is a more capable modern thrash/death offering which again looks at the Swedish school for inspiration, but the presence of several longer, more thought-out compositions show the band's more individual approach to the trite formula. Again, fast headbanging riffs haven't been spared the latter "bearing" the wild maddening shredder "Warwide" and the death metal "marcher" "From The Underground And Below" which is obviously not an Overkill cover.
"Darkness and Light, Strife and Conflict" is an intense lashing effort, and although the sweeping opener "A Legal Killing" is a bit misleading, the remaining material is by no means a sloucher: "Depression" is a more technical death metal rager; "Pandemonium" is a nice melodic progressiver; "No Cross, No Crown" is a dramatic stomper; "Unbearable Lightness of Scenery" is a fine later-period Death reminder with great melodic leads; etc. The shadow of the Swedish scene is a bit too strong at times, but this opus has both melody and energy to spare, and these are its main saving graces.
"Youth...Mine and the Truth" is a fairly decent affair the guys mixing things up, adding more technical shredders ("Worship Me") and more conventional groovers ("Psycho") the latter occupying the middle before "Earth the Bomb" arrives and makes the situation more serious with less conventional developments including a great atmospheric balladic interlude which starkly contrasts with the more sterile riff-paterns on the closing headbanger "Take Back Truth".
"Six Feet Under Is Not Deep Enough" follows a similar trajectory to the one of its predecessor; in other words, expect modern melo-death/thrash which becomes marginally more aggressive at times ("Pray"), and also more expressively thrashy on "Mement Mori". "Betrayal" is lightning-fast death/thrash with nice melodic embellishments, and this is where the effort stays till the end save for the interesting quasi-progressive closer "The Winds Of The God" which relies more on more flexible melodic configurations.

Quake Dope Full-length, 1993
Youth...Mine and the Truth Full-length, 1994
Youthquake Full-length, 1996
Apocalypse Full-length, 2001
The Evolution of New Oriental Metal Full-length, 2003
Six Feet Under Is Not Deep Enough EP, 2008
Beyond the Void of Black Full-length, 2010
Darkness and Light, Strife and Conflict Full-length, 2012

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This Brazilian outfit provide crunchy power/thrash which straddles the fine line between the modern and the classic school borrowing from both staying mostly on the heavy stomping side with flashes of speed ("Cowards Way Out", "Comes With the Fall") which still remain buried under the steam-rolling guitars. "Prison" breaks (don't we love these TV series...) the mid-paced chains with aplomb being a rising speedster for most of the time also influencing the galloping closer "Slave and Master" which also contains the finest lead sections on the album.

The Heart of Death Full-Length, 2013

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More and more unconventional bands come from France which establishes itself as the motherland of eclectic avantgarde music, and not only in Europe. Based on "Do It Yourself", these guys provide a contrasting mix of styles ranging from post-thrash to melo-death and sincere blasting black metal (the symphonic extravaganza "Hermit") including a couple of intriguing technical thrash/proto-death cuts ("Nunc Umbra, Mox Gloria"). Often are all the aforementioned styles packed into just one composition creating slightly disjointed pictures recalling the early efforts of their compatriots Misanthrope, but certainly more comprehensive. An awkward choice is the closing piece to be a very tender acoustic ballad ("To Redemption") which has nothing from the eccentric nature of the preceding material despite the cool female vocals, replacing the hoarse main death metal ones. This is an engaging listen which will not be grabbed from the 1st time, but fans of the "left hand path" works, coming mostly from France in recent years, should by all means enjoy it. The musicians are also quite busy with various other bands around the music globe: the black metal acts AstHenie & Hyadningar, the thrash/death metallers Substans, etc.

Do It Yourself Full-length, 2009
This One Is Good Full-length, 2011

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Based on the EP, this Swiss power trio offer modern post-thrash which is appropriately supported by cool inebriate semi-clean vocals ala early Peter Steele (R.I.P.). The delivery is largely mid-tempo with abrasive, chuggy riffs but also with a couple of surprisingly stylish melodic leads ("Death Or Glory") the latter growing into something playful and punky on "Blood In Your Mouth".

Black Hole EP, 1991
No Risk No Fun Full-length, 1997


This French band started well with their first two albums being cool progressive thrashers with melodic death metal touches of the Gothenburg school, and a strong presence of keyboards which create an orchestral atmosphere and might not appeal too much to the more conventional thrash metal fan. There are two vocal styles: one death metal-like, the other one clean. On later works the band's music moved almost entirely towards the death metal field. "Oniric Transition" is the more unfocused effort one with constant hesitation between thrash, death and gothic metal, whereas "Dying Sun" is the better achievement with a clear concentration on thrash metal displayed also with song-titles like "Thrash'em All", and smashing pieces like "Crystal Light"; the progressive element is there as well, but is expressed through longer song-structures and more technical guitar work rather than through the use of keyboards and other gimmicks.

Oniric Transition Full-length, 1998
Forgotten Past EP, 2000
Dying Sun Full-length, 2002

Official Site

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